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My wife joined in 2010 and each day she would tell me about the workouts, the people, and the transformations, both physically and mentally. Not being one for any type of exercise, I was slow to be convinced but intrigued by all of this positivity and finally signed up in 2011. To my surprise, the FXB program turned out to be one of the best things I ever did and it has inspired me to push harder and further than I ever thought possible. In addition, the friends we have made in the gym has made this an incredible experience. Who knew I'd wake up each morning looking forward to a grueling workout, not to mention having the desire to become an instructor, but that's where I'm at and I wouldn't change a thing. Push yourself, you'll love it!
I joined FXB in October 2011. I first heard about Farrell's Extreme BodyShaping from my brother who lives in Des Moines, IA. He went through the 10 week program and had amazing results which inspired me look into the program for myself. I have always been one to workout on my own, but I wasn't seeing the results I was looking for. What I felt was missing was the nutritional knowledge and help that FXB provides as part of their overall program. So I started on my 10 week journey, gaining the education I was looking for in nutrition, experiencing fun and challenging workouts from all the amazing instructors, and seeing all the results I was looking for. What I didn't realize at the time was that I would get so much more out of this program. What FXB-Lincoln has that no other program in Lincoln has is - Community! I have gained a whole new FXB family that continues to help and encourage me as I continue on my journey to living a healthy lifestyle, and to me, that is the biggest reward! I wanted to be even more active in helping others achieve their goals that I became an Instructor in 2012 and Lincoln's first Level III Instructor in June, 2016.
Hi! I’m Michelle. I started Farrell’s 10 week program January 2010. It was after the holidays, we were having terrible winter weather, and I was paying for a gym membership that I wasn’t using! I have always been active but I was bored with the same old routine. It just so happens that Farrell’s is about 30 seconds (no joke) from my house so I decided even if there was a blizzard I had no excuse for not making class. Besides the fact the gym is so close to my house, here are the reasons I LOVE Farrell’s: (1) 45 minute classes….you don’t have to spend 2 hours at the gym to get into shape! (2) Someone tells you what to do and you do it….the thinking is done for you! (3) Working out with a group of people automatically pushes you to do more….someone might be watching J (3) Working out with a group of people also holds me more accountable….if I miss classes someone is wondering where I am! (4) Hitting and kicking a bag is FUN and there’s no risk of it hitting you back!! In my first 10 weeks I lost 4.6% body fat, my clothes were loose, my stress level was down, I had met new people, and I was arranging my schedule to make sure I made it to the gym consistently instead of the other way around. Start with 10 weeks, commit to it, work hard, have fun and you will be amazed at the results and how addicting it becomes!
I joined FXB in March of 2010 after hearing story after story about amazing transformations! Everyone I know was talking about this new program so I finally looked at the website and did some research. I won't lie, I was slightly terrified to start the program! I exercised regularly, but it was all self directed and I wasn't pushing myself very hard. I knew the instructors and workouts at FXB would push me in a way I'd never experienced before and I was afraid I couldn't handle it. Well I handled it and have seen my body change so much! One of the best parts is anyone at any fitness level can make this program work. The coaches, instructors and members make FXB fun and help you push through when you need extra motivation. And kicking the bag is FUN!
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Lincoln, NE 68516

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